Recruiting at UCSD Tomorrow Morning

I’m going to be walking the UCSD Campus for a few hours advertising for Touchdown Delivery. 

I have electrical, mechanical, and other engineering work that I need help with! If you are willing to help with my goals for Touchdown Delivery, then you’ll get experience working on drones and an opportunity to contribute early in the company’s history.

Beyond engineering, I’ve outlined an Operations Manager position which could lend itself to many other disciplines, so please read the positions I have on my site if you are curious, and remember to forward a link to anyone in your network who might be interested. 

I was at Walmart yesterday and saw this:  


I noticed it because it suggests a very real truth - drones are the type of item which consumers are apt to purchasing, playing with, and then wanting their money back. Not only is this not a model of economic success for the company selling the drone, but it’s an economic model which deprives greater society of benefitting from the technology because the utility of the drone is controlled by one owner.  

A smarter economic model keeps the drone moving to benefit a greater network. Touchdown Delivery charges a per usage fee, which not only goes to support the drone tech and Skynet, but also goes directly to the Partner who hosts our drone tech. 

Let me know if you’d like access to my Investor Portal, where I keep the numbers pertaining to Touchdown Delivery’s Business Strategy. Soon I will be recruiting not only for engineering help, but for a Phase 1 Investor. 

Still Looking for Engineers! (Investors, not quite yet)

While I had wanted to have help as soon as March 1st, the reality of selecting the right insurance coverage, filing time with the fed for getting an EID, and the local ordinance requirements have stalled this hope. Some of my contracts and docs needed tweaks anyway, and I prefer legitimacy as a guiding principle for success.

I’ll be recruiting every week, and sticking to the methods that have been consistently creating connections on the same campuses I’ve been focusing on - UCR, UCI, UCSD. Recruiting constantly also relieves me of the pressure of having to start all positions simultaneously. While I haven't filled the 7 positions yet, I feel better about making recruitment a constant effort and simultaneously pursuing a stage one investor.

I’m in the midst of renovating a room to become the office for Touchdown Delivery; when finished it will be well suited for investment pitches. Eventually I will host several video clips comprising my TDD pitch to this site, although TDD will eventually reside at a different domain.

Now that the LLC filing is processed, the local permitting is underway. The San Clemente website indicates that for the Home Occupation Permit I might need to make the office available for Fire Marshall inspection, which I welcome if the city deems it necessary. I don’t think it will attract much attention, as no prototype drone will be built until further CAD refinements have been made. Highly technical benchmarks such as power testing and flight simulation will be conducted at an undetermined future location where the zoning permits these sorts of activities.

I’ll post what campuses I’m flyering at and when in the near future.

Moving to Campus

Leaving Lift soon for UCR campus to flyer, it seems like a more effectient use of time since one applicant texted they won’t be showing up as planned. But glad I had a chance to talk with Samantha and others, thank you! 

I’m at Lift Coffee!


I love the propeller theme (no coincidences). Many people - even engineers - have never had a simple explaination of the theory behind propellers. These are the three-blade 29” propellers I currently have installed on Version 7.2.0

A propeller is an airfoil structure specialized for rotary movement. Because the distance of travel around a circle is greater at points further from the central mount, a propeller blade is optimized for different air speeds along its length - a key distinction from a wing, which is subjected to much more consistent airflow along the leading edge from the root to the tip.  

Propellers with more blades produce more lift by a multiple, with losses. Each tip has lost energy as well, but nesting the propeller into a duct can reduce these losses. This is because the duct allows for a greater sustained pressure differential over the disk that represents the rotating propeller. It is this pressure profile, when multiplied by the area of the disk, that is used to estimate the total thrust.

While these wonderful Tiger Carbon Fiber propellers will do for now, the initial profits of the company will go towards designing custom propellers and deep cycle LiPo batteries to further optimize the efficiency of delivery in subsequent drone models. 

Headed to Riverside

Although... I’m abandoning a beautiful day in my duplex/fourplex San Clemente neighborhood. Residents here are always complaining about non resident cars slowing the already narrow 60s streets, but there’s plenty of room for drone landing!  

I don’t need to force Touchdown Delivery, the market is going to choose it. 


Talk drone delivery with me tomorrow

I’m going to be at Lift Coffee Roasters on Central Ave in Riverside tomorrow from 2 to 7 working on my own and engaging potential applicants like you! 

Drones will go mainstream once a company implements an economic model of profit that connects small businesses to a network. At Touchdown Delivery, we maintain ownership of our drones and offer access to that Skynet for a per use fee - but what’s more, we let the businesses that host our Touchdown Drones see some of that profit on Day 1. 

With Touchdown Delivery, we’re going to reverse the strain the internet has imposed on small businesses. The future isn’t a cardboard box being driven in a gas truck across state lines, that’s stupid and soon to be irrelevant. The future is local and carbon efficient, and I garuntee that the future of commerce is aerial! 



Thank you UCR!

I had so many quality conversations that any one would have made the trip worthwhile. Thank you to Sid, Stelina, Oldei, Wendy, Hubert, Terrick, Mena and many others who let me just start to explain what Touchdown Delivery means.🙏🏼 I know I’ll see at least a few of you again and have you further convinced this company is worth your time. 

My next Riverside event is coming up fast on 01/28/18 - I’m going to be working at Lift Coffee Roasters and taking long format questions. I’m also going to be advertising this event thouroughly on social media, plus some pamphleting before, so make sure to search Touchdown Delivery on Linkedn or Facebook (or link yourself through my page). Thanks! 😄