Recruiting at UCSD Tomorrow Morning

I’m going to be walking the UCSD Campus for a few hours advertising for Touchdown Delivery. 

I have electrical, mechanical, and other engineering work that I need help with! If you are willing to help with my goals for Touchdown Delivery, then you’ll get experience working on drones and an opportunity to contribute early in the company’s history.

Beyond engineering, I’ve outlined an Operations Manager position which could lend itself to many other disciplines, so please read the positions I have on my site if you are curious, and remember to forward a link to anyone in your network who might be interested. 

I was at Walmart yesterday and saw this:  


I noticed it because it suggests a very real truth - drones are the type of item which consumers are apt to purchasing, playing with, and then wanting their money back. Not only is this not a model of economic success for the company selling the drone, but it’s an economic model which deprives greater society of benefitting from the technology because the utility of the drone is controlled by one owner.  

A smarter economic model keeps the drone moving to benefit a greater network. Touchdown Delivery charges a per usage fee, which not only goes to support the drone tech and Skynet, but also goes directly to the Partner who hosts our drone tech. 

Let me know if you’d like access to my Investor Portal, where I keep the numbers pertaining to Touchdown Delivery’s Business Strategy. Soon I will be recruiting not only for engineering help, but for a Phase 1 Investor.