Still Looking for Engineers! (Investors, not quite yet)

While I had wanted to have help as soon as March 1st, the reality of selecting the right insurance coverage, filing time with the fed for getting an EID, and the local ordinance requirements have stalled this hope. Some of my contracts and docs needed tweaks anyway, and I prefer legitimacy as a guiding principle for success.

I’ll be recruiting every week, and sticking to the methods that have been consistently creating connections on the same campuses I’ve been focusing on - UCR, UCI, UCSD. Recruiting constantly also relieves me of the pressure of having to start all positions simultaneously. While I haven't filled the 7 positions yet, I feel better about making recruitment a constant effort and simultaneously pursuing a stage one investor.

I’m in the midst of renovating a room to become the office for Touchdown Delivery; when finished it will be well suited for investment pitches. Eventually I will host several video clips comprising my TDD pitch to this site, although TDD will eventually reside at a different domain.

Now that the LLC filing is processed, the local permitting is underway. The San Clemente website indicates that for the Home Occupation Permit I might need to make the office available for Fire Marshall inspection, which I welcome if the city deems it necessary. I don’t think it will attract much attention, as no prototype drone will be built until further CAD refinements have been made. Highly technical benchmarks such as power testing and flight simulation will be conducted at an undetermined future location where the zoning permits these sorts of activities.

I’ll post what campuses I’m flyering at and when in the near future.