University of California San Diego:     (Fall 2013 – Spring 2017)


Aerospace Engineering – Jacobs School of Engineering:

  • 185 completed Units (58% of my Engineering classes, and all Math and GE)

  • 32 units remaining


Mechanical Engineering Intern – Flometrics:     (07/2013 – 12/2016)


Fabrication – My fabrication assignments included:

  • Machining aluminum, copper, brass, acrylic, polycarbonate, and ABS on a lathe and mill

  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber work, resin minimization and development of fabric templates, working with different weights and weaves  

  • Surface mount soldering and PCB construction, multi conductor cable construction, soldering and brazing non-electric components like copper pipes and nuts

  • Assembly of plumbing and pneumatics with NPT, AN, and compression fittings

  • Aluminum and Steel pipe bending, cutting, flaring, tension and vibration relief coiling

Design – My design assignments included:

  • Fluid heat sink design, machining, testing, and refinement

  • Actuated valve design using pancake pneumatic cylinders, pistons, and simple electric servos

  • Reading, creating, and modifying P&IDs and simple linear circuit diagrams

  • Design and construction of a 5 gallon acetone vapor chamber for print resolution smoothing in ABS printed parts

Testing and Data Collection – My data assignments included:

  • Airspeed measurement: pitot tubes, hot wire anemometers, and venturis  

  • Testing components for specific pressure and flow parameters, including valves, rocket engine injectors and regen paths, heat exchangers, and other components that provide resistance

  • Flow visualization using dye injection - identifying backflow or stagnation


Students for the Exploration and Development of Space:     (04/2015 – 10/2016)


Recruitment Manager:     (02/2016 – 10/2016)

  • I worked with other managers to itemize and develop positions, advertised to students, organized panel interviews, and developed a fair and organized scoring system.

  • I managed a total of 3 recruitment cycles, providing structure for and attending over 60 student interviews.

  • Of the 21 positions I helped fill as Recruitment Manager, all 21 Members stayed for the entire duration of the position they applied for.

Vulcan Rocket Recovery Systems Team Lead:     (07/2015 – 05/2016)

  • Vulcan was a student designed sounding rocket by the UCSD chapter of SEDS that  incorporated a 3D printed regenerative rocket engine. The engine, which used Lox and JP4, has been static fired 3 times, producing over 650 pounds of thrust.

  • I designed and directed fabrication of the parachute deployment system. The rocket was equipped with an 8’ drogue and 28’ main parachute that were designed to deploy using barometric altitude readings from our avionics PCB. I also made contributions to the Avionics Systems, including battery mounts and sled design.  

  • I contributed major design elements to the entire rocket, including fin construction, fuel and lox tank design, engine ignition mechanism and sequence, and pneumatic disconnects for launch valves.

  • The Vulcan rocket successfully launched May 21st 2016.

Lander Focus Group Lead:     (05/2016 – 10/2016)

  • Lead 4 SEDS Members that explored concepts for Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicles that could potentially be constructed by a student team using printed rocket engines.    



Technical Proficiency


CAD:     (Onshape, Solidworks, AutoCAD)

  • Designing for printability: brackets, mounts, and scaffolds for composite layups

  • Designing for shareability: clear labeling, appropriate dimensions, and sketches constrained so as to be easily understood and edited

  • Assemblies and linked CAD files with numerous substructures and moving parts with several degrees of freedom

  • Pipe and wire routing around obstacles, 3D Splines  

  • Creating custom threaded features, helical operations, and low-efficiency propeller design and airfoils

  • Boolean operations, part design using irregular surfaces

Spreadsheet and Data Entry:     (Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, MATLAB)

  • Creating functional part spec sheets for systems

  • Creating Bills of Materials, Project Cost Totals

  • Graphing large data entries for two and three variables with proper inclusion of error bars and error propagation

  • Graphing standard deviation spread visualizations for part features or performance metrics

Technical Writing:

  • Creating documents that describe the complete fabrication process for a part, including engineering diagrams, machining tool changes, and critical dimensions to be checked for spec


Hardware Proficiency


Electronics and Sensors I’ve Worked With:

  • Thermocouples, thermistors: selection of sample sites and mounting, data logging

  • Pressure transducers: vacuum, low pressure liquid, high pressure gas

  • Turbine Flowmeters, Variable Area Flowmeters: calibration with water, turbine bearing replacement and internal maintenance, pick-up replacement

  • Ultrasonic proximity, infrared sensors

  • Humidity, TDS, Water detection, Level sensors with floats

  • Load cells: rigid mounting structure design, installation and operation for short data acquisition periods

Plumbing Components I’ve Worked With:

  • Regulators: hand loaded, dome loaded, calculating max flow using cv

  • Pumps: bilge pumps, vacuum pumps, high flow water pumps (30-40 GPM), peristaltic pumps, pistonless pumps

  • Solenoids: experience with singular instances and manifolds of multiple solenoids, dual acting solenoids

  • Valves: experience selecting valve types, replacement of sealing surfaces and loading springs, application of electrically and pneumatically actuated ball and butterfly valves, valve flow characterization

  • Heat exchangers, Radiators: experience in low pressure usage