A New Year in a New (Maker) Space

Although Tom graciously allowed us to spend the entirety of Fall Quarter on Campus, we weren't able to bring the rocket to launch readiness by then. With nowhere on campus that came close to providing for an operation of our scale, we had to do some off campus networking, and have gained the sponsorship of Dan - pictured center - who runs a local Maker Space. 


After several days spent with packing tape and a rental truck, we were able to move all of our stuff to the Open Source Maker Lab in Carlsbad, CA. Here we have immediate access to a variety of machinery that were more difficult to source on campus, including a laser cutter, small mill, small lathe, variety of 3D printers, and welding. I'm looking forward to the productivity that all of this access will bring our newer members. 

Nearly all of it.  

Nearly all of it.  

Now that we are unpacked, we can resume regular working hours of Saturday 9-6, Sunday 1-6, and in the working week when we can. I will post more once we get closer to launch and everything starts coming together.