ABS Smoothing Bath Using Vaporized Acetone

The first useful page

  • Jar placed on heating plate
  • 3-4 mm of acetone in the bottom of the jar
  • Heat plate to 120 C initially 
  • Once the jar is visibly filled with vapor, drop plate temperature to 90 C for treatment 
  • Smoothing takes several hours
  • Once smoothed, place a lid on the jar and cool the plate, condensing and conserving acetone 
  • Allow part to sit for 10 minutes while residual acetone evaporates 

The second useful page: 

  • 70 - 90 C for plate
  • Sealed metal container
  • Fan inside to "ensure uniformity of treatment" 
  • 10 minute bathing period 

The third page: 

  • Rice cooker is used
  • Custom pin board goes into bottom of heating vessel to allow for part placement while smoothing 
  • Part is cooled in fridge beforehand to ensure acetone condenses onto the surface
  • Smoothing takes several minutes 
  • If part gets too hot, condensed acetone will boil off and create pit marks in surface 
  • Test if filament is pure ABS by dissolving a small clipping completely in acetone beforehand 
  • Part must be printed from pure, high-quality ABS to smooth well